Well, I shoulda been gonnne!!

I recently got my hair cut. This is big news as I have forgotten I had hair until a few months ago. When I finally took myself to a stylist I told him I wanted the Björkish doo she had on the cover of the Post album. He did an okay job, and actually came pretty close except that the longish bangs he cut for me didn’t really work as he only cut like, two strands. So now I’m growing those out, but still, it’s pretty cute.

The problem is I refuse to style my hair. It was just last year I gave in and starting brushing it. I’m not going anywhere near a product or godforbid a hair dryer. So I have two looks. One is what I call the “fresh faced do.” This occurs on the days I actually shower. It looks a little like Björk’s hair here:

Every other day, especially the day before the “fresh faced do” is achieved, I look like Steve Perry. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Journey fan, but I’d love to sing like the man, not look like him. Now I have been accused of being unrealistic about how I see my hair. I swear that I went around for a year with Pete Rose’s hairdo from the seventies ( I DID, I don’t care what my sweetie says). I’m not exaggerating here folks, I have “The Steve Perry-do”. I will try to snap a picture of it the next time it happens, however, until then I will leave you with this:

A great song, Yes. A great hairdo, No.