So, I guess I sleep post now. I barely remember writing the previous post, I swear. I’m trying to finish up some huge holiday projects thatbI have to send off to be finished by a professional. It’s put me in an odd frame of mind. I am feeling the holiday crunch, but like three weeks earlier than usual.
My brain is in that weird place where creative and stress meet and have a cocktail party. It actually makes for an interesting outcome, but the process usually zaps my brain, so that I am out of it and spacey. It used to not be a problem, but now that Sadie is in school, I am having to socialize every afternoon. Yesterday was a doozy. I was in a creative haze, and not really with it when I was talking to the other parents. So much for making a good impression.

I am writing this post on my phone, while I lay in the dark with Olive sleeping on me, so please excuse any typos, spelling errors, or self conscious rants. There’s no spell check and I can only see one sentence at a time, so I don’t know, cut me some slack, Jack.