Labor day weekend

8.30.07 -  Sadie pretending she is in a bubble bath

Three day weekends are so DELUXE. Brett and I kind of cleaned up around the house, AND we watched all of the Netflix movies kickin’ it at our house. You might not recognize this as the momentous occasion that it is, because maybe you were under the impression we lead a normal life. We used to be under that impression too, until late last May. Then we stopped living a normal life. That was when we started the “Summer of Insanity.” That was when we lost whatever semblance of routine or daily life, and exchanged it for what some might call crisis mode, or panic, or super stressed-outed-ness™. Three months later and we are still all topsy turvy. This last weekend though, it was sweet, so sweet. Sweet to say to each other, “What should we do today?” and “What do you wanna do now?”

If only it had not been tainted by the harsh and acrid taste of stomach acid in the back of my throat, or my perpetual nausea (dibs on that band name!), it just might have been perfect.