Presents, presents, presents


10.03.07 - Happy Birthday Aaron! 
Here are some gifts I made for my little bro. The gift on the right is actually from two years ago, I made placemats and hand embroidered napkins for Christmas. I had just gotten a ton of patterns from Sublime Stitching and I was excited to use them. So excited in fact that I never finished the actual placemats that went with them. I made everyone return their gifts to me so I could finish them. Whoops! They are all still sitting at the bottom of my Work In Progress Pile! So I finally finished them and then I made some matching oven mitts from Denyse Schmidt’s quilting book. I love this oven mitt pattern because it is super fun and easy. You can just stitch wherever and it always comes out looking nice. So Happy Birthday Aaron, I hope you like them!