Early this summer I bought Sadie this slip to wear under a dress at one of the many weddings we attended. We made the mistake of letting her try the slip on over her dress at the store. The heavens opened and a smile as wide as a rainbow covered Sadie’s face. When we tried to pry it off of her she lost her mind. I’m not going to say that she was in hysterics, pulling her hair out, in a wild mess on the floor, because she wasn’t on the floor. It was, however, understood by all parties in the five block vicinity that this slip was not to be taken off that day. It now has the honored spot as Sadie’s most favorite thing to wear, ever. I have to hide it in the closet, or else it is the dress of choice every single day. I have suggested wearing it under another dress, “To make it extra POUFY!” or at least wearing a shirt over it to “Make it look just like a ballerina tutu!” But to no avail. She calls it her “white ballerina dress” and it is only acceptable to wear over something, not under. When we are out and about and Sadie is wearing her extra special dress, we get some extra special looks. Most of them are sweet, but sometimes I wish I had a special button that said something like, “SHE chose it, not me!” I’m sure in the future there will be a multitude of fashion choices that Sadie just loves, and I am not so enamored with. Hopefully though, she will be of an age where people readily understand that SHE herself chose that lovely style, and not me.

Until then I will suffer the thought that I would choose for anyone to wear such a shear top anywhere in public. Big fluffy tutu skirt, sure! Shear top, uh, not my first choice.