So today I woke up with Andre the Giant in my sinuses. It’s like the most gigantic pressure gross feeling I have pretty much ever felt. I blow my nose and for one millisecond the pressure is relieved, but then I hear this creepy creaking sound as my sinus quickly fill up and exert more more MORE pressure on my skull.  

Today various members of our family have called, to check in, or see if we want to hang out. Here is where I realize how different my spouse and I are. Because if I were on the phone and they asked me how I were feeling, I would pretty much tell them what I just told you. I would spare no detail, and I would paint the goriest grossest most enthusiastic tale of woe. I won’t call it over exaggeration, how can you over exaggerate when you are in the most physical pain you’ve been in since your midwife stuck her whole arm up your crotch to spin your baby, is happening inside your sinus cavities right now? Brett instead says, “Well, we’re doing okay. I think Melissa might be feeling a little bit worse.” Even though I am wailing and arm flailing and tearing out my own hair with every cough. Brett is the master of understatement, which is probably good. Perhaps our kids will turn out well balanced and stuff like that.

Speaking of our kid, I’m feeling pretty bad for Sadie. Two nights in a row she has had fantastical dreams about the most amazing toys you could ever imagine. She wakes up, and is so excited about the toy she has to go on a search to find them. Yesterday morning it was “Beauty and the Beast” dolls. She was positive we had them, if we only looked hard enough. If I could’ve conjured something up out of thin air, I totally would have, because that is just a sad kind of disappointment you don’t want to see anyone you love go through. This morning, she woke up looking for her doll with the white shoes and silver hair. Oh, how I wish we had a doll like that, she sounds lovely. Instead she and Brett searched the house again to no avail. It’s a great insight into her dream world, but it makes me sad that she has to be so disappointed by the real world. I mean it was bound to happen sooner or later, I just wish we could have held off until her third birthday.