It’s all about ME!

A Quick Bio

In 2002 I started a little shop called Kiki’s Kitsch Corner. I sold all kinds of things that I decorated. Toilet Seats were my biggest sellers. You may have seen my goods in Bust Magazine, Bitch Magazine, on Daily Candy, or in other national publications which have since folded.

In 2005 I gave birth to my oldest daughter and put all of my crafty business stuff on the shelf. I changed my online name to Bucktooth Mama. I continued to blog, but I closed up shop in 2008 when my second daughter came along.

As both my daughters become more self sufficient I am able to concentrate more on things I like to do. That involves making things with my hands, and sharing them with you! Also most probably glitter. Because I sincerely love glitter.

More About Me

I was born and bred in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I still live today. Lest you think I am conservative or Mormon, let me correct your assumption. I was born to two teenagers, one a Latina woman who went to the tarot card reader more often than she ever stepped foot in a church, and the other a gay Jewish man. They were never married to each other, but around the time my biological parents were able to legally buy alcohol they both met their life partners. I am blessed to have four parents in my life. I even got a couple siblings out of the bargain!

I had a tumultuous adolescence, but I made it out alive and met and married my partner in my twenties. He waited two years to propose to me and then we waited two more years to get married because I had to wrap my brain around entering into the institution, and he wanted me to be sure.

I love to make things. I love to write things. I try to tone down my profanity use online, but I’m not always successful. In real life I have a potty mouth and my mind is always in the gutter. The only bad word in our house is “boring” the rest are all just called adult words.

So basically if you are reading my blog, expect to find a feminist mommy crafting blog with a severe liberal slant peppered with cursing.  If you are into run on sentences and anxiety fueled rants though, follow me this way!

Drop Me A Note

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