Art vs. Craft

At least once a day I feel like the concept of art vs. craft comes up somehow in my life. Can your crafty creations be considered art, and if not why? In my own mind, when I think of this highbrow concept of “The Artist” it is affected and deliberate and not always a comfortable image for me. As if one who is an artist must speak as if certain vowels have accents or an umlaut above them.

I think I also have mixed emotions about the value of art vs. craft because most crafts are typically associated with the female sphere and experience. If I make something of use, does it automatically make it not art? If you can wipe your hands on it, put something in it, or wear it, does it suddenly become less artistic? Is it only art if the intent of the item is only to be admired and not used?

I’m really not sure where I personally come down on this subject. Maybe that’s why I think about it so much.