Corner of my home.

09.04.07 - Corner of my home

There is this group on flickr called Corners of My Home, I love it so much. I have to warn you before you click the link, it is pure unadulterated house porn. It is a time sucker, so watch out.

Here is a corner of my home. There is a painting of my Bubbe done by her postman, was it? Apparently they had a mailman who did paintings on the side. My grandpa gave him a picture of my Bubbe and he did this picture from it. It has been rumored that this mailman had a crush on my Bubbe, but everyone did, so that’s nothing to talk about. Bubbe hates this painting. She says at the time she thought it made her look a lot older than she was, and now she just thinks it is plain ugly. She has threatened to come over and draw a mustache on it, she hates that it is in our dining room for all to see.

A while back she was talking about her legacy, about what I would want when she exited her mortal coil. This was the first and only thing that sprung to mind. I absolutely love, love, love this painting. She was horrified and told me I could have it right at that instant, so I took it! Right after Sadie, Brett, and the dog, if any disaster ever befell our house, THIS is the item I would grab. It’s a family heirloom!

Behind the painting lurks one of the princess monsters from Sadie’s birthday party. I think my sister-in-law stuck it there, and I haven’t had the urge to move it yet. I kind of like seeing my little one peeking out from behind her Bubbe.

Also seen in this photo, my other Grandma’s chair which I recovered, a sweet cookie jar, and a can of Billy Beer. In other words, all of our prized possessions.