Goods From Japan: Bento Supplies!

More goodies from Japan! As I said before I went to Tokyo with three things on my mind: Books, Fabric, & Toys. As I unpack, however, I realize a few other things made their way into my suitcase. Of those items quite a few of them are items for lunch boxes, or bento boxes. We usually pack a bento of snacks to take out for Sadie for the day. Now that I am pregnant again I should probably be carrying my own bento of anti-nausea snacks, and now I have the paraphernalia to do just that. Let me show you some of the stuff we brought home!

First of all, here’s another little sample of a fabric that we found.

8.16.07 - More new fabric

Here are a couple of double tiered boxes. They are very nice in that they have a clear lid underneath the animal face, so you can actually pack lots of food on the second layer.

8.16.07 - Double Tier Bento Boxes

These have cute little “engrish” sayings on them, and they both came with a fork. Bonus!

8.16.07 - Bento Boxes

A nesting set with strawberries! For those times you need a little, or a lot.

8.16.07 - Nesting Bentos

These small boxes were too cute not to come home with us! I just want to hold them and kiss them and love them all over. Look at those daisies!

8.16.07 - Mini Bento Boxes

A super realistic mold for ice cubes or more likely for Jello.

8.16.07 - Strawberry Mould

Sadie can eat with adult sized forks, but it is so much nicer for her to have her own size. We try to have a clean fork in out bag at all times. These came with their own cute little holders. The panda one says, “Have a lunch together. Because I will be more cheerful!” Which is how I feel everyday.


I absolutely fell for Shinzi Katoh’s designs while we were in Tokyo. These three were only a small sampling of the goods at Tokyu Hands dept. store. I wish I could have brought the whole section home.

8.16.07 - Shinzi Katoh Water Bottles

Little bottles for ketchup and uh, egg seasoning?

8.16.07 - Cute bottles

Here’s what they look like inside.


More Shinzi Katoh! This cute little apple opens up and comes with a spreader for your mayo or peanut butter.

8.16.07 - Shinzi Katoh Bento Apple

8.16.07 - Shinzi Katoh Bento Apple

I loved the fact that every restaurant in Japan had hand wipes at the table for guests. When I saw this it gave me a great idea of what to do with the 20 or so plastic easter eggs we have just hanging around our house. You can throw this little friend in your bag and have a washcloth at your disposal anytime you need it. Sadie will be so pleased, no more scratchy bathroom paper towels!

8.16.07 - What's the bee hiding?

8.16.07 - Look it's a little hand washcloth!

Lots of little toothpicks for keeping food together, and/or using as a utensil.

8.16.07 - Cute little toothpicks

8.16.07 - Bento toothpicks

These are actually little forks. So cute!

8.16.07 - Small Bento Forks

Oh Shinzi Katoh, you are one brilliant designer.

8.16.07 - Shinzi Katoh Bento Sauce holders

8.16.07 - Shinzi Katoh Bento Picks

These lids are so clever. They screw on anything that has a screw on cap. So when you get a bottle of juice at the local convenience store, your toddler can sip it without spilling it all over themselves. Awesome!

8.16.07 - Screw on lids for bottles

I am obsessed with egg molds. At Tokyu Hands they didn’t have exactly what I was looking for, but they had these that I have never seen before. Super cute!

8.16.07 - Egg Moulds!

These are little clips to keep your potato chip bags closed, or you know, whatever you want to store in a bag and keep airtight. Which is usually potato chips in my wildest dreams, but you could use it on any snack you desire.

8.16.07 - Goody Goody bag clips!

Molds for your rice too!

8.16.07 - Rice Moulds

I thought this might come in handy for baby food actually, but it is made for making squares of rice.

8.16.07 - Square Moulds

More little sauce bottles.

8.16.07 - Little Bottles for Bentos

More rice molds! These can also be used as cookie cutters. The top piece comes off and makes an impression in the dough or the cookie.

8.16.07 - More Rice Moulds!

More Mayo or peanut butter holders with spreaders attached.

8.16.07 - Little Cute Bento Sauce Holders

These are for keeping your food separate in your bento box. You don’t want stuff touching and mixing flavors, gross!
8.16.07 - Bento seperators

8.16.07 - Bento Seperators

These are little stencils you can use on any type of food. They are usually used on rice. You just put the seasoning around it and make a cute little animal.

8.16.07 - Rice Stencil

Believe it or not, there is still a ton of things to unpack from my suitcase. Just wait until you see the craft books I brought home!