Here I am!

9.16.07 - We let Sadie pick out her outfit this afternoon.

I’ve been waiting to write until I could say I am 100% nausea free. I am in fact 75% nausea free, which is amazing, so that will have to do for now. Of course as I have been almost a normal human, our house has been struck with a tidal wave of snot. We have caught a family cold that will not release its hold. I think we are going on week three of raw red noses. The weeks have served us well though, instead of wiping her snot in her hair, the second Sadie sneezes she raises her hands in the air and comes to find someone with a tissue.

I am pretty tired of feeling like I will get back to normal life when the current health annoyance or time commitment passes. I think I probably have to wake up and face the fact that this IS normal life now. At least the blow has been softened by the fact that America’s Next Top Model is back on television. So you know, you lose some and you win some.