Is this the bad before the good? Puhlease say so!

What the shit is going on? After Sadie’s tooth I said to myself, “Well, things have to start looking up now.” Well, I was wrong! We are still on a downward spiral in this here house. I have a gabillion orders to get out, and as I was plugging away at one, MY SEWING MACHINE BROKE. Grrrr. Of course I am like a month late filling this lady’s order, and I promised her I would ship it out today, and I would’ve been done with it last night, BUT NOOOO. It’s a rickety machine anyway, but it is being very mean and cruel. I tried to bribe it with cookies or sex, both of which totally work on Brett, but neither one inspired my machine to work any better.

Then this morning Brett noticed that our dog Miz Cairo had a busted up nail. They are at the vet right now. Poor puppy was all clingy and weird last night, but we were just mean and neglectful and now I feel awful. Poor poor Cairo. At least she gets to go and see her best boy friend ever, our vet. But damnit! We are broke enough as it is here, people!

Anyway, I cheered myself up by looking at sewing machines I can’t afford. Strange logic, but it totally worked!