One great way to get involved in Utah is by joining a state board or commission. Boards and commissions are created by statute and meet regularly to work on specific issues, such as air or water quality, health, justice, public safety, women in the economy, housing affordability, disabilities, crime victim reparations, licensing, controlled substances, insurance, labor, heritage and the arts and much, much more.
Every year positions on these boards come available. Although many boards dictate specific board member criteria, the public may apply for open positions and serve one or more terms on boards and commissions.
There are literally hundreds of boards and commissions in Utah. YOU can apply to fill vacancies in one or more today!


  • Find out more by visiting Utah’s official Boards and Commissions website, including directions for applying to open positions, a list of all boards and commissions and the statute for each one. The board list pages show all boards with open positions. Simply click on one to apply!