Where is Kazakhstan?

I am so incredibly dense when it comes to geography. It’s embarrassing. I think most people start to learn geography in grade school. While my classmates were writing reports on different countries around the world, I however, chose to neglect my assignment of studying North Korea and wrote instead about the Marx Brothers. Then in Junior High for some reason yearbook staff and world geography were grouped together. I volunteered to be on the yearbook staff and spent the rest of the semester sitting in a teacher’s office reading aloud the dirty parts from Judy Blume’s Forever. So while I was learning abot the world, I think it was in a very different way than the school board intended. I dropped out of high school and ultimately finished in a program that allowed me to test out of all most all of the required courses, except fractions. In college geography wasn’t a required course. So now I sit here completely confused about the layout of the land and feeling like an idiot. Do you think they have tutoring for thirty year olds?